About Us

BrandevX is a revolutionary marketing concept that specializes in Brand Development and Product Placement for business professionals using visual Reels to connect Real businesses with Real people in Real time performing as the Rail. The "X" in BrandevX is what ties the collective together. The X is for cross promotion. When the BrandevX collective collaborates everyone's success rate multiplies by achieving maximum exposure.




BrandevX will always lead with Technology. Technology is attractive. It’s important to lead with technology to drive innovation. Technology also means clean interfaces and less work. Technology makes conversations go from zero to one-hundred very quickly. Technology also encourages customers to be optimistic causing the consumers to think differently. Leading with technology often means changing the conversation which will give us the opportunity to change the game.

BrandevX will change the language and conversation. Leading with technology allows brad to change the language around the conversation. We need to be proactive about the news we absorb, blogs we read and music that we listen to. We need to let slow media guide the way. The language must change in order get to the next level.

BrandevX will drive with content by creating undeniable visuals like no other. Our content will curate the process of change. Starting with content is the most effective. Our brand will entertain and educate simultaneously!

BrandevX connects content strategy to emotions and vibes. Emotions are how our brains decide which content is shareable. BrandevX would concentrate on emotions that will promote longevity. Trust that our brand is honest and will meet expectations. Security you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Love and a sense of belonging. Freedom and Independence. Desire to feel like you can make your own decisions. Desire to be the first to do something, associated with the hype and/or accepted by what’s currently considered hot.

BrandevX will take the time to understand millennial's. Millennials want companies that work in innovative ways to fix the world. The youth are creating a more elastic workplace than we have ever seen by growing up with the technology. They want to be able to do their own thing. Millennials are the future. We need to understand them. They need to be treated with respect.

BrandevX will get personal. Engaging on a personal level where the president will have a hands on approach with the people. It will generate many loyal customers and fans!




Scenario: You are a nonprofit organization or small business about to do a massive event and want to make sure your event is receiving sponsorship opportunities as well as having the engagement be packed.

Scenario: You are a musician shooting a music video looking for brand placement and promotional opportunities. We would utilize our aggregated network and marketing technology to alarm the marketplace that the music video is being made and that businesses have the opportunity to place their product in the video.  They need your audience for promotional purposes. We would facilitate the arrangement of the business and the musician to make that deal happen.

Scenario: Former professional American football wide receiver Fred Barnett who played in the National Football League for the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins is looking for endorsement opportunities using their influence to help drive promotional outings for business professionals to help promote, service, or raise awareness on social/environmental matters. We would facilitate the arrangement between Fred Barnett and the businesses to make the deal happen.

Scenario: You are an organization that is looking to secure sponsorships needed to drive an annual event that has an objective to raise awareness on social and/or environmental matters. We would facilitate the arrangement between the organization and the sponsors to make the deal happen.




Team up with BrandevX:

  • Showcase you through our marketing technology on the BrandevX platform which will be distributed to our national business and agency network who are ready to team up with your project

  • Capture impactful visuals in high quality for all promotional purposes

  • Secure sponsorship opportunities on your behalf at no cost to you. We get paid only when we are successful in helping you accomplish your goals

  • Promote your event to millions of targeted users on social media across our influencer network

  • Strategically secure athlete, artist, and public figure appearances

  • Access to our digital and marketing resources

  • Access to marketing, branding, and strategy experts




  • Drive Sponsorship Relationships

  • Join Cross-Promotion Ventures

  • Product Development

  • Facilitation, Endorsement, and Placement Opportunities

  • Promotional and Live Event Management

  • Social Media viral marketing via our cross-collaborative influencers

  • Media Visual Image Crafting & Production

  • Digital Solutions & Consultations



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